My Nemesis…..the re-write of Chapter One.

 I’m taking another look at the novel that three agents have all or part of  — again.  To be more specific, I’m looking at Chapter One, the most important one, and the one that has given me the most problems.  I know where my story starts but I’m not always happy with the way I’ve written it.  Part of my concern is that Chapter One holds all that weight.  If the reader isn’t grabbed right away, they won’t get to Chapter Two.  So, I’ve written and re-written, added to and deleted from, and still I’m not 100% happy with the results.  Don’t know if I’m putting too much pressure on myself or what, but Chapter One continues to haunt me.

 In the meantime, I’m reading some books on writing.  Perhaps something will strike me and I’ll have the answer for my particular Chapter One.  Chapter One is so clear and wonderful in my head but somehow I don’t think I’m moving what’s in my head onto the page the way I know that I need to.

 How will I know when I’m there?  On some level, I think I’ll just know.  In the meantime, I’m researching more agents that I want to query and making a list.  Checking it twice.  Maybe three times.  I’d like to reach the group of agents that will be the most interested in my genre.

 And in my spare time, which I don’t actually have much of, I’m working on my spy novel.  At some point soon, I’ll post a little piece of it for you to look at.

 If anyone out there has a bit of wisdom regarding the writing of Chapter One, I’d love to hear it.


About Vee

I'm a writer working on my fifth novel.
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1 Response to My Nemesis…..the re-write of Chapter One.

  1. Hi Vee, maybe you need to lose it. Sometimes you think your story begins in chapter one, but the excitement begins in chapter two which is where it should start. You can bleed in the chapter one stuff later. Try reading The Writers Journey. Best book ever written on writing. Good luck, janet

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